Block Aircraft-Pvp (Real-Time) Ad-Free Version

Block Aircraft-Pvp (Real-Time)   Ad-Free Version

Block Aircraft-Pvp (Real-Time) Ad-Free Version

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Block Aircraft is a real-time online airplane game in the style on SendBox Game.
Open World's largest moblile
All local field-based concurrent environment
Free real-time play time and space constraints
Open Field more rigid world

My one and only online block airplane!

3 ways to enjoy the game

1. Create a strong plane
2. Create a unique airplane
3. Battle online with other users

  1. Strong airplane
   - Defeat the turrets and warships to earn stars and to improve your level
   - Collect resource blocks by destroying mines and buildings and sell collected blocks
   - Collect money to get strong blocks!
   - Attack users gathering resources to acquire items!
   - Acquire cash in dungeons
   - Expensive blocks contain high HP!

 2. A unique airplane
   - Assemble blocks in the Block editor
   - Buy various blocks in the block shop
   - Buy an airplane and customize it yourself
   - Purchase other user’s plane and customize it yourself

 3. Online block airplane war
   - Real-time battle with other users
   - Automatic resource collection after logout
   - Able to battle with logged in and out users

Ad-free version.